Thank God It’s Friday!

It’s been an interesting week. Lots good things happening and we’ll be making some announcements shortly. I recently received a “Fitbit” from a dear friend and I’m really working at taking care of myself these days . . . exercise, proper diet, etc. Looking forward to hangin’ with Tanya (my DEFINITE BETTER HALF) this weekend. Life is good and I’m thankful for much.

A message of HOPE

Artist and longtime friend Trae Edwards and I recently went into the studio to cut a song entitled “WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT AGAIN.” It was written by Suzanne Jennings and “Yours truly.” I can brag on the lyric because Suzanne wrote it. She’s a lyrical genius with a big heart and I’m proud to have written this with her. We’ve gotten many positive responses already. Much of the proceeds will go to help those that are dealing with Cancer. Check out the video and even better, download the song and help us help others. Thanks for your help!

Checkin’ In

Hope this finds everyone smiling and loving life. We’re slammin’ here doing what we love and we’re thankful. Got a great week ahead of fun stuff…can’t wait. Life is grand. Make a difference for the good in the world around you.

For anyone that may have not received your orders from my office, please contact us. Recently we’ve had some problems in this area but thankfully they’re now solved.

Be blessed!!!

Glad to be out of the judging business

Here lately I’m often asked about this or that person in the Gospel Music Community. The questions tend to be “Are they real?” or “Did you hear about so and so?” Hey….I know who I am and on any given day I’m not a saint. I try to let my conscience be my guide but even then I’ll miss the mark from time to time. Being human has it’s downside and I’m not perfect so please understand if I tend to shy away from such questions. Much love to everyone.

Sometimes it’s just good to laugh

Thankful for laughter today. I’m definitely surrounded by some fun individuals at home and at work. On those days when nothing feels right and the chips are down, it’s so neat to bump into someone with a great sense of humor. We’re presently in the studio and we’re laughing so hard that I’ve got tears rolling down my cheeks. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes it’s just good to laugh.


I’ve said this before but “WORDS REALLY MATTER….THEY MEAN THINGS.” A good word can mean the difference between a good day or a bad one. It hit me again this morning when I read “the power of life and death are in the tongue.” By the way….It’s a good day .

Life is good

Enjoying this morning…good coffee, sunshine, birds singing and gearing up to make music. The cup is half full today….gonna be a good’un. Loving life and everything about it. Hope everyone has an incredible day!!!!!