Glad to be out of the judging business

Here lately I’m often asked about this or that person in the Gospel Music Community. The questions tend to be “Are they real?” or “Did you hear about so and so?” Hey….I know who I am and on any given day I’m not a saint. I try to let my conscience be my guide but even then I’ll miss the mark from time to time. Being human has it’s downside and I’m not perfect so please understand if I tend to shy away from such questions. Much love to everyone.

3 thoughts on “Glad to be out of the judging business”

  1. I’m far from perfect, too Michael. I was raised in a legalistic family and fell into legalism. But, God delivered me from that many years ago. The fact is that God didn’t call us as Christians to take His place as judge. Neither did He call us to be “fruit inspectors,” as some wrongly claim. The Bible says that we can “know them” by their fruits, but we are never once commanded to take on the job of inspecting anybody’s fruits. In fact, the opposite is true. God has called us to be faithful to Him. Period. Like you said, none of us are perfect, and we all strive to reach the mark. But the person who says they never falter, never commit a sin, never do anything displeasing to God is lying to himself and to others. On this earth, human perfection is not possible. With that in mind, and with the example set by Christ Himself with the woman at the well, we are to be nothing more than messengers of the Good News. In doing so, God will bless our kindness and honor the love we show one another. God does not bless judgmentalism. So, why do we do it?

  2. Michael I hope it is ok for me to write here I do not know about these computers so if I am writing in wrong spot tell me! just want to say as I have said before,never have met you or your wife but I know you are good people, and from what you just wrote proves it even more, we are all human and make mistakes but it takes a fine person to not want any part of gossip or such. Thanks for writing that it just makes you more likeable and down to earth. God bless you and Tanya in your music ministry.

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