The good stuff

It’s good to be visiting with Mom this morning. There’s just something about getting up in the morning to the smell of hot coffee, something cooking on the stove and the smile on Mom’s face as I walk into the kitchen. I’m making myself slow down, relax and be in the moment…..this is the good stuff.

2 thoughts on “The good stuff”

  1. Hey buddy-roe! Good to have you back in Nashville where you belong. Hope you’re doin’ well and all your dreams comin’ true. Good to see you’re with Johnny, I worked over there a while when Goss was there and had lots of fun with my heroes. Let’s get together one morn for a cup of starter-fluid! 708-8651 You and your talent AND your sense of humor are a blessing to me! Love ya brother!

    1. Terry,
      We have to reconnect soon…perhaps over a cup of fine JAVA? Great to hear from you….thanks for the shout. Stay in touch.

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