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Winner of more than a dozen GMA Dove Awards and multiple Grammy nominations, Michael Sykes is a musician, songwriter, singer and producer.

His journey as an influencer in the field of gospel music first began when he was only five years old. He learned to play the piano from his mother, Fay, who was the pianist at his grandfather’s church. At eleven years old he attended an Oak Ridge Boys concert and, after hearing their harmonies, he was hooked on music for life. That concert began his insatiable hunger to create the kind of sound he was hearing from the Statesmen, Imperials, Rambos, Andre’ Crouch and others.

All he wanted in this world was to make music so Michael set out for Nashville at 18 years of age and began playing piano for various country and gospel groups. Before long, he was offering creative input with group harmonies and doors began to open for him to serve as a producer.

Clearly, the work of a producer came naturally for him, because the first project Michael produced (Heirloom) won him the first of many Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association. Since that time, Michael has produced albums for the industry’s most esteemed artists, including the Gaither Vocal Band, Russ Taff, the Martins, Jeff and Sheri Easter, and his full-circle achievement as producer of The Oak Ridge Boys’ Dove Award-winning album “From The Heart.”

He has also expressed his artistry through his songwriting accomplishments, including much-loved songs like Prayer Warrior, King of Who I Am, Knowing You’ll Be There and Make It Real.

His love for harmony makes him a natural group singer. He has had his share of group experience over the years, including his tenure as a vocalist with “Ponder Sykes & Wright.” His vulnerability as a communicator has also made him a sought-after solo artist. He is finally embarking on a long-requested solo recording which is scheduled for a June 1st release.

24 thoughts on “About Michael”

  1. it was great to meet you just wanted to let you know ther is nothing GOD does not have a plan for.


  2. Ron,
    It was great meeting you brother. Amazing that you’d be the guy to return my lost wallet. It’s a small world with a Big GOD. Thanks for being there. Hope to talk soon.

  3. Michael,,,,,,
    I cant express how much i enjoyed my session at sound shop,
    And how much i appreciated all your work and input!
    Thank you so much for a great experience!
    Hope to talk to you soon!


    1. Steve….Thanks so much for your kind words. We had a blast working with you. Looking forward to diving farther into your writing. Stay in touch.

  4. AWESOME to finally meet you. Great energy and smile. You make people feel comfortable, Michael! And it’s wonderful that you blogged about your mama, Fay. Just sayin’.

    1. Janet…Looking forward to hanging with you as we venture further into the career of Trae Edwards. Thanks for the shout. Stay in touch.

  5. Have you ever considered what the lord might have you do to help the wounded and abused to find restoration?~Your music speaks volumes to me, especially the song “Road to Forgiveness”~I am a longtime fan of Gospel music and believe that music can heal and restore lives~Blessings

    1. At this point our platform seems to be music and speaking. Much of our focus is on such topics as forgiveness and restoration. Thanks for the shout.

    2. Linda,
      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I’m in hopes that everything we do is a help to those that need it. Blessings.

  6. Enjoyed you and the other two gentlemen in Harrisburg, IL recently. I’m the one who asked if your wife’s dad was Rusty Goodman.


  7. Greetings Michael!!

    Both you and your beautiful lady Tanya are so talented and you two look wonderful together!! Wondering if you are touring @ this time. We would love to have you in the Florida Panhandle!!

    1. Somehow I just now saw this post….I apologize. Where are you in the panhandle of Florida? We head that way ever now and then…would be good to connect sometime.

  8. Michael, God has certainly blessed you….I heard you sing ” All my friends” and would like to know how to get the lyrics for our church. I personally cant sing ….Preacher says I sound like a bunch of cats in a paper bag, but if theres one song I will try and do…it would be all my friends. Thanks, and God Bless

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