A few days off the wheel

Enjoying hangin’ with friends and chilling out for a week. Everyone needs a vacation every now and then. I so needed this time….thankful.

5 Responses to A few days off the wheel

  1. Don Burkett says:

    I have enjoyed gospel music since I was a wee one. I remember that peaceful music me mother played for me as she laid me down for the night. As I grew into adulthood, my love for Gods music grew deeper. My favorite group were “The Happy Goodmans” and of course Tanya Goodman Sykes. I enjoy all the Gaither’s performances.
    I saw your blog on facebook and just want to take the time to thank you for spreading Gods music. Keep it up.

  2. Jean-Marc DENIS (from France) says:

    I discovered fortunately Canton Junction and the quality of your music. I write a capella music (modern gospels). If you have a short time for to have a look on my work, I should be very happy.Just tell me “send some songs!” All songs are corrected by a teacher in english!
    Continue singing, it’s super!!

  3. Ron Osbon says:

    Good stuff, bro.

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