Checkin’ in

Thought it was time to throw out a few few lines today…not longwinded as there’s much to be done here. Been thru a season of transition as of late….obviously part of a bigger plan….good stuff. There are some neat things on the horizon…new personnel, studio production, TV tapings, a new album and upcoming “Live” appearances. Stay tuned….we’ll be in touch. Have a great day.


5 Responses to Checkin’ in

  1. Bonita Stevens Cantrell says:

    Love keeping up with you & Tanya! Y’all are nice folks…even from a distance!

  2. Benny Martinez says:

    Very nice brother. Keep it going. God has bigger plans for all of us.

  3. Tanya Sykes says:

    Glad to see you’re back at it babe.

  4. Scooter Simmons says:

    Excited about what’s already happening and what’s about to happen! Looks like you’re gonna be a busy man, but it’s all good.

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